(Image/Summit Racing)

Brodix is offering three new sets of cylinder heads—one for small block Ford, one for LS engines, and a third for big block Chevy—and will showcase them at the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, November 5-8.

Here’s more information about each new set of heads.

Brodix BB-3 Xtra 327™ Big Block Chevy Cylinder Heads

  • Feature a valve angle rolled two degrees
  • 327cc rectangular intake ports that flow over 400 cfm
  • CNC-ported chambers; 2.300/1.880 valves

Brodix BP BR 1 13™ LS Cylinder Heads

  • Cathedral port LS cylinder heads offer 13.5-degree valve angle; nitrous/boost-friendly combustion chambers that fit existing pistons
  • 245cc rectangular intake ports that flow over 370 cfm; redesigned exhaust ports flow over 235 cfm
  • CNC-ported chambers; 2.100/1.600 valves

Brodix IK F 195™ Small Block Ford Cylinder Heads

  • Revolutionary new aluminum casting
  • 195cc intake ports; 68cc combustion chambers to work with several types of fuel
  • Phosphorous bronze valve guides, valve seats
  • CNC-ported combustion chambers up to 74cc
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