Welcome to the 2019 OnAllCylinders Readers’ Choice Awards, where you don’t even have to be a regular reader to make your voice heard.

How so? It’s easy! Simply throw darts at your computer screen or mobile device and let chance decide!

But we hope you’ll choose to participate in what is slowly becoming the most significant awards program in the world. (Very slowly.)

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To participate in the 2019 edition of OAC’s Readers’ Choice Awards, you can:

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The 2019 OAC Readers’ Choice nominees are:

There are several disciplines of automotive racing, and we (regretfully) couldn’t list them all. Road course racing (like Formula One) and motocross stand out as racing styles that absolutely belong on this list. Drift racing and monster truck racing are popular as well. Which is your favorite?

You want to add power to your vehicle because you’re smart and awesome. But you don’t have unlimited money because you have 17 kids and are still waiting for that prince in Nigeria to make you whole on the bank transfer he promised. What is the best bang-for-your-buck power upgrade you can make to your ride?

This time, the money shortage is because you took a vow of poverty and donate 80 percent of your paychecks to the Unicorn Wildlife Preservation Reserve in Zimbabwe, which we think is super-noble of you. Good job. But you still need to make your ride handle better, and you want to get the most out of every dollar spent. Which upgrade are you choosing?

For this one, you’re not poor. You’re welcome. But you’re super-tight with your money because you and your best friend are planning to compete in a Make it Rain contest throughout your retirement years, and you have every intention of winning it. But the vehicle needs to look good. We can all agree on that. Where are you putting your money?

Several new vehicles are in the works. Some of us will buy some of them. But only the best, because that’s how we roll. Which in-development vehicle is your favorite, or “the best” by whatever metric you wish to use to decide?

We’re fully aware that there are several great aftermarket exhaust products available, and we don’t feel good about having to choose four. Please share your favorite, and maybe even tell us why.

As we near the end of another decade, we’re curious as to which performance car released over the past 10 years has made the greatest impact on you. We realize there are several (incredible, and pricey) performance cars launched during this team span from some of the finest automakers in the world. We’re not trying to be stingy by not including them. We just tend to lean American around here, because we’re, like, American. We promise that we love and want every nice car, no matter where its made, because we’re sometimes smart like you.

Several new trucks were released over this past decade, and many were (and remain) awesome. Which new truck launch do you think was best?

Even more than the Best Racing Style category, limiting this category to four picks is monumentally unfair to countless great drivers in various cars, sanctioning bodies, and racing disciplines throughout this beautiful world of ours. We think we’ve picked four reasonable choices here, but we’re fully expecting a bunch of write-ins for the many great (and totally worthy) candidates not listed here. Who was the best race car driver of this past decade?

Into off-roading? Racing? Like to read and talk about it on the Internet? Sure you do. Which Internet forum or online community is your favorite for discussing your automotive passion for off-roading or racing?

When we’re not discussing racing, we’re often discussing performance upgrades for the street. Where’s your favorite place online to do that?

Tons (and we do mean tons) of great performance products were unleashed on the automotive aftermarket and racing industry between SEMA 2018, PRI, and today. These nominees were four of our favorites. Which new product was your favorite, or the one you consider to be the best?