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Lot Shots Find of the Week: Custom Chevy Fleetmaster

(Image/Katie Rockman – OnAllCylinders)

Last week, we shared photos of a beautiful 1964 Ford Fairlane 500 that we spotted outside of the Summit Racing retail store in Tallmadge, OH.

You can see today’s Chevy Fleetmaster in one of those photos, and using our incredible powers of deductive reasoning, we can probably conclude that these two cars road-tripped together from Connecticut (because, license plates).

We are not 100 percent sure whether this Fleetmaster is a model-year 1947 or a 1948, but we’re leaning 1947 based on what we think we know about the grille design.

General Motors (along with Ford and Chrysler) spit out a ton of cars to an automobile-craving public in the 1940s following the end of World War II. Many of these cars were based on pre-war designs, and these Fleetmasters were just such a car. More than 264,000 Chevy Fleetmaster were sold from the 1947 model year.

Regardless of how many were made, they are still a rare and precious sight in 2019, so we were grateful to come across this gorgeous machine. Beautiful car. See for yourself.

(Image/Katie Rockman – OnAllCylinders)
(Image/Katie Rockman – OnAllCylinders)
(Image/Katie Rockman – OnAllCylinders)
(Image/Katie Rockman – OnAllCylinders)
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  1. Harold Lovett says:

    Very nice 47 Chevy.

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