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Lot Shots Find of the Week: 1969 Ford Mustang on 4×4 Jeep Cherokee Chassis

(Image/Patrick Miller – OnAllCylinders)

“It’s a Jeep thing… You wouldn’t understand.”

We’ve all seen those words stuck to rear windows and windshields of various Jeep Wranglers and lifted Cherokees.

But this is the first time they made us laugh.

Stretched across the upper windshield of this mutant 1969 Ford Mustang perched atop a Jeep Cherokee chassis — which, minus attached weaponry and any obvious signs of murdery intent, gives off strong Mad Maxian vibes — the “You wouldn’t understand,” seems more apt than ever.

You’re right, hilarious 4×4 first-gen Mustang owner. It’s hard for us to understand or imagine turning what might be the most beautiful car shell in auto history into a gritty off-roader. However. Perhaps that’s what makes it so awesome.

We saw this mean machine sitting in the Summit Racing parking lot in Tallmadge, OH and knew we wanted to share it with you.

How many times have you thought or heard: “I love classic cars, but I want them to handle like a modern performance car!”? That swell idea spawned legions of Pro Touring resto mods.

Is wanting an iconic muscle car capable of driving over mountains really so different? We say it’s not.

Check out this Rockatansky-esque beast.

(Image/Patrick Miller – OnAllCylinders)
(Image/Patrick Miller – OnAllCylinders)
(Image/Patrick Miller – OnAllCylinders)
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