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Chevy Camaro to be Discontinued After 2023?

(Image/Kyle Edward – Forbes)

According to multiple reports, General Motors is rumored to be pulling the plug on the Chevrolet Camaro at the conclusion of the Gen. 6 production run, which is slated for 2023.

Muscle Cars & Trucks first reported the news, citing several internal sources at GM.

We don’t have confirmation that this is happening, but a number of other automotive publications, including The Drive and CarBuzz, are reporting it as well.

If Chevrolet really is planning to shelve the Camaro, it wouldn’t be the first time. Chevy stopped making the Camaro at the conclusion of the 2002 model year production run, and reintroduced it as a concept car that eventually became the 2010 Gen. 5 Camaro.

Some sources are citing sluggish Camaro sales as the reason behind GM’s potential decision to pull the plug on Camaro production.

Stay tuned.


  1. Really sad

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  2. Travis Jones says:

    So the C8 will be moving upmarket with its mid engine design, probably more expensive than the current base car moving some would be Corvette owners to upper end Camaro purchases. I doubt the Camaro is going away, it would be a big slice of the market GM is abanonding, not to mention from a balance perspective, the Lansing Grand River Plant would then likely be a one shift plant in perpetuity. My guess is, that there is no real development happening, there are very few ways to make the Camaro better than it already is, likely it will just get re-freshed and re-styled every few years until things are completely electric.

  3. Lucio apparently missed the last sentence in the article. Dude, the car isn’t selling, same reason they dropped it and the Firebird way back when the Mustang was out selling both brands together. The car needs to appeal to more than just gearheads and so far it is missing the mark.

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  5. I’ve never loved a car or truck more than my Camaro… I’d really like an electric one if built just as well/solid, and I’m hoping that’s what will actually be happening in 2023.

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