Father’s Day is right around the corner, and there’s a solid chance that some of you—maybe most of you—have no idea what to get the dad(s) in your life. True story: We don’t either.

Choosing a gift can be hard. Choosing the right gift is even more challenging. It involves striking a balance between finding something useful and thoughtful while acknowledging the giftee’s specific interests.

The problem is that all dads are different. They like different things. They drive different vehicles in different ways. Some don’t even like driving at all. Those dads are wrong, and this article isn’t for them.

We can’t tell you what gift to get the dad in your life, but we can try to guide your search based on the “type” of dad he is. Here are some places to start.

The DIY Dad

Man Working on Car

Key Characteristic: Justifies starting new projects to buy the tools he’ll need for them.

Gift Category: Tools & Shop Equipment

The “Speed is Relative” Dad

Camaro blur

Key Characteristic: Has lost count of the number of track wins and traffic tickets he’s accrued.

Gift Category: Circle Track

The ‘Pit Away from Pit’ Dad

Gil S's garage

Key Characteristic: Spends more time week-to-week laying on a creeper than he does in his own bed.

Gift Category: Garage & Auto Gear

The ‘They Don’t Make ‘em Like They Used to’ Dad

Classic Dodge Car

Key Characteristic: Drives to and from the store in his ’68 Camaro restomod—10 miles, in the snow, and uphill both ways.

Gift Category: Restoration

The Interior Designer Dad

69 charger car shelf
(Image/Summit Gifts)

Key Characteristic: Loves driving almost as much as he loves watching the Home Improvement Network.

Gift Category: Home & Office Décor

The Road-Less-Traveled Dad

Aerial Trail Photo

Key Characteristic: Associates the phrase “trail mix” primarily with his selection of off-road music.

Gift Category: Overlanding

The Neat Freak Dad

Car Cleaning

Key Characteristic: Will haunt your dreams if you so much as sniff a French fry in his car.

Gift Category: Car Care & Detailing

The Picky Dad

Key Characteristic: Frequently asks for the gift receipt.

Gift Category: Gift Card

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Author: Will Schertz

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