How far would you go to look at or buy a vehicle?

Our friends managing Summit Racing‘s social media posed that question to their audience, and were flooded with stories about the distances and circumstances people endured for a car, truck, van, or motorcycle.

Sometimes, the trip was worth it. Othertimes, it wasn’t.

Because thoughtful people included photos of their vehicles in various states of “completion,” we decided we had a moral responsibility to turn those photos and stories into a photo gallery to share with you. You can see the entire Facebook thread here.

We pulled many of the stories that had accompanying photos from that thread so you could see them here.

Conrad Y.

SE Minnesota to Salem, Missouri (550) to find a rust-free 70 Malibu and it was well worth the trip! My next trip will be to Albuquerque, NM. (1200) for a 67 Chevelle SS.

Doug P.

Only 2 hours. Bought it.

William B.

From N.J., drove out to paradise California. And it was worth every second in the truck. Rust free, and only $1200!

Michael K.

My dad and I drove 4830 miles in 7 days, round trip, from Washington state to Michigan, to buy my race car.

Randal B.

Flew from northern Nevada to Alabama, looked at, bought the ’69 Firebird, and drove it home. Worth it. Crossing Wyoming.

Aaron A.

Everett, WA to Surrey, BC. Not too bad of a drive, 2.5-3 hours each way? But definitely worth it.

Joseph N.

I live in Alaska and my Falcon was in Wisconsin.

Brian B.

NYC to Denver Colorado to pick up my ‘71 SS Nova. Left work at 4pm Friday, hopped on a plane, rented a truck and towed it home and back to work following Monday. Found it while I was on my honeymoon. The wife picked it out with me! Totally worth it!

Herman Z.

From the Netherlands to the south off Spain total 5000 km (3200 mile) up and down. Bought the ’66 Chevelle Super Sport with the 396 on a junkyard. And yes it was worth it!!!

Jon G.

Northern Wisconsin to Houston Texas for a 68 Dodge Charger 383 HP 4-Speed 2600+ miles round trip and waited five+ hours in the parking lot where were supposed to meet guy was a no-show. This was also 20 years ago before everyone had cell phones.
Otherwise more recently northern Wisconsin to Panama City Florida for a 73 Plymouth Barracuda and it was worth it!!

Douglas F.

Traveled over 1400 miles round trip (NJ to MI) to pick up my ‘70 442. Cool car, get lots of attention but needs LOTS of work. Jury is still out on this 1.
This pic is the 1st time I actually put eyes on it…

David A.

780 miles and drove it home.

Paul P.

Seattle to New Hampshire. And yes (it was worth it).

Tom W.

1200mi roundtrip, transaction took 30min, turned around came right home

Doug E.

Almost 1700 miles round trip in 24 hrs to pick it up.

Jeremy D.


Dallas to KC, and back. TWICE! Once to look at, second to pick-up. Rust free 67 Camaro.


Tommy and Bridgette A.

Over 6 hours one way and totally worth it.

Thomas C.

From California to Pennsylvania. Definitely worth the trip.

Zackery W.

1188 miles 7 years ago.

Steve F.

Flew from Chicago to Harlingen TX, then drive the car 6 hours to Houston, to meet the transport truck. Bought the car on a Wednesday and it was delivered that Friday!

Tom D.

Wisconsin to Tampa Florida.

Kevin H.

800 miles one way for 1933 International ton and half. Now I’m restoring it.