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VOTE NOW: The Top 10 Facebook Fan Rides of April 2019

Winter is behind us (we think), and we’ve now got a full spring, summer, and early fall filled with car shows to look forward to.

Of course, on the Summit Racing Facebook page it’s always show season. Fans share their rides every day, year round, and there’s always something good to look at.

April brought us a fresh new crop of cars and trucks, and below you’ll find the most popular in terms of likes and shares by peers on the Summit Racing Facebook page. You can help determine the #1 fan ride for April 2019 by voting for your favorite finalist as our friends at Summit Racing re-post them to Facebook and Instagram.

We’ll tally up the votes and announce the winner soon.

Michael B.’s 1971 Pontiac Lemans

Brian’s 1973 Mustang Mach 1

Chris’ 1965 Plymouth Barracuda

David’s 2007 Mustang GT

Dion’s 1954 Chevrolet 210

Ed’s 1970 Mustang Mach 1

Max’s 1939 Ford Tudor

Rob’s 1969 Chevy G10 “Boogyvan”

Shawn’s Chevrolet Chevelle

Steven’s 1970 Ford Maverick

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  1. Chris Wyant says:

    Ummm the 1965 Plymouth barracuda is my car, and dont know who Charles is lol

  2. Shawn McMullen says:

    Shawn’s Chevelle

  3. Shawns Chevelle

  4. Boogie Van!

  5. Lisa McMullen says:

    Definitely Shawn’s Chevelle!! ❤

  6. Shawn’s Chevelle!!

  7. Phil Wickman says:

    Not sure this is where we vote but the booty van gets my vote! Super cool build!

  8. Mike Toney says:

    Shawn’s Chevelle!!

  9. Kevin Jackson says:

    Shawn’s Chevelle!!!

  10. Matthew Hopkins says:

    Shawns Chevelle

  11. Jen Carroll says:

    Shawn’s Chevelle!

  12. Darrin Sutliff says:


  13. Jeff McG says:


  14. Boogy Van

  15. Mark morrow says:

    Rob’s boogyvan

  16. Tonimarie says:

    Shawn’s Chevelle

  17. Rob’s boogyvan

  18. Ambrosia says:

    Shawn’s chevelle

  19. Shawns chevelle

  20. Shawn’s Chevy

  21. Boogyvan,of course

  22. Boogyvan

  23. Don Jones says:

    Robs Boogie Van!

  24. Don Jones says:

    Mike B’s Pontiac Lemans

  25. Boogy Van, DUH!

  26. Morgan Tornberg says:

    Shawn’s Chevelle

  27. Shawn’s Chevelle!!

  28. Shawn’s Chevelle

  29. Jonathan McMullen says:

    Shawn’s Chevelle

  30. Hands down, Shawn’s Chevelle… Such a beautiful restoration!

  31. Mona Testa says:

    Shawn’s Chevelle

  32. Shawn’s Chevelle

  33. Shawn’s chevelle

  34. Shawn’s Chevelle

  35. Lynn maynard says:

    Shawn’s chevelle

  36. Boogy Van!

  37. Oh, that’s easy. BOOGY VAN!!

  38. Boogy van

  39. Rob’s Boogy Van!

  40. I saw Boogy Van at SEMA and it was amazing so that’s who has my vote!

  41. Maddie Byers says:

    Shawns Chevelle

  42. 1969 Chevrolet Boogy Van

  43. Boogie van for sure…!

  44. Mark malkmus says:

    Boogy Van 2%

  45. 101% BOOGYVAN


  47. Boogie vzn

  48. Boogy van

  49. The boogie van for the win

  50. Everybody has a Chevelle. Boogy van doing a wheelie is awesome. My vote is for boogy van!

  51. Jonathan says:


  52. Ray Holliman says:

    Eds mach 1 mustang

  53. Karina McClane says:


  54. Rob’s ’69 BoogyVan for sure!

  55. Christopher Hall says:

    Rob’s 69 BoogyVan!

  56. Boogyvan!!!

  57. Rob’s boogyvan!

  58. 1969 Chevy G10 boogyvan!!

  59. Rob’s 1969 Boogy Van is the BEST!

  60. Boogy Van Absolutely

  61. Rob’s Boogy Van. Not something one sees at every car show.

  62. The Boogyvan, all the way

  63. John lennon says:

    The boogyvan, all day and night

  64. BoogyVan ❤❤❤

  65. Boooooogy van

  66. Diane Mula says:

    Shawn’s Chevelle

  67. Robert F Semonious says:

    Rob’s Boogy Van has the most modifications. It’s the rarest of the choices, It’s the only one that has graphics, and it’s the only one that brings a party room with it everywhere it goes. And I’m pretty sure there has never been a real van in summit’s catalog before.

  68. Keith Lambe says:

    Boogie van!

  69. Boogyvan!!

  70. Brian Estes says:

    The ’73 Mach 1 is mine.
    I just appreciate that it was featured in the first place.
    Thanks for showing off all of our rides, and providing us with the parts we need to build them.

  71. John Farnham says:

    Brian’s 1973 Mach 1 Mustang has my vote. Most original and unmolested of them all.

  72. Duke The Spook says:

    Boogie Van!!

  73. Stevens Maverick

  74. Rob’s 69 BoogyVan

  75. Alan Estes says:

    Brian’s Mustang

  76. efren torres says:


  77. Brian mach 1 has my vote

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