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Photo Gallery: Summit Racing Facebook Fans Share Their Garages & Shops

Our friends managing Summit Racing’s Facebook page and other social media accounts alerted us to their #ShopSaturday post on Facebook, which led to more people than we could account for sharing their garage and shop photos.

You can see tons that we weren’t able to include within the comments of that Facebook post, but in the meantime, here are several that caught our attention:

Anders H.

Clint S.

Gary S.

Jeremy S.

Bill S.

Dam S.

Gaylen B.

Jim V.

Brad C.

David J.

Glenn G.

John B.

Brian S.

Don M.

Greg A.

Kevin R.

Cathy & Lee S.

Fred C.

Gregg S.

Kuba K.

Chris S.

Gary P.

Harley O.

Maurico H.

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