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Photo Gallery: 2019 Cleveland Piston-Powered AutoRama

CLEVELAND, OH. Take a look at some of the gems we spotted at the Piston-Powered AutoRama this past weekend.

We saw race cars, muscle cars, hot rods, customs, monster trucks, aircraft, custom choppers, military vehicles, and much more—and probably a bunch of things we’re not remembering.

If you couldn’t make it to the show (probably because you live really far away), here’s a sample of some of the great rides we came across.

(All Images/OnAllCylinders)


(All Images/OnAllCylinders)

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  1. Dave snyder says:

    Love it, pictures great, glad to see the tradition contiuned.

  2. Jimmy Arthur says:

    Thanks guys looks like the lights made slots on the cars but good photos

  3. Sam Santangelo says:

    Participated for the first time in 16 years. Are photos available for purchase like they used to be.

  4. Michael Phipps says:

    Had to be selective with the short time frame, but I did capture from down in the basement the ’68 Monza that ended up being 2nd in class. Great show as always.

  5. HAROLD LOVETT says:

    Great pictures. I you can try to get a filter to cut down on the light glare. My favorites are the 1955 Pontiac Wagon, Plymouth Pickup, and the 1960 Elcamino.

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  7. Terry C Friel says:

    cant wait till next year. great pictures

  8. Milt H Heger says:

    Thank you! 🙂

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