Our friends at Summit Racing are often sharing and receiving excellent car and truck photos on their Facebook and Instagram pages from fans and customers.

We like to make photo galleries out of them.

The Summit crew asked people recently to share photos of the vehicle that made them fall in love with cars. (Or trucks. Or Schwinn bicycles.)

Like always, auto enthusiasts delivered, and like always, we enjoyed reading through the Facebook thread for bonus details about some of these great cars and trucks.

As Air Supply probably said once—there’s no love like your first love.

Check out these heartbreakers.

Kjell E.

“My dad’s el camino! He had to sell it for about 20 years ago, but I bought back the chassie for about 4 years ago! Someday it will be as nice as in the glory days! 🙂

I basicly bought back my own child support.”

Robert P.

“31 years ago my father brought this home. I went to my first car show in it. I still own this beautiful piece of history. 1963 Chrysler Newport with push button transmission.”

Erwin V.

“My first F100 ’65. After 17 years I found her again and I’ll never let her go.”

Jamie P.

“Same one I have today. My father bought it new when I was 4 or 5.”

James H.

“Riding in my dad’s ’67 Stingray.”

Jim F.

“My brother’s 72 SS Nova. That’s me on the trike…

“I’ve owned it since 1987.”

Rudy M.

“My 1st car (in high school 1981) was my Dad’s ‘57 Chevy that was later stolen. He and I then began restoring another one in 2003 and completed it in 2009. RIP Dad.”

Bill W.

“’57 Chevy. Best car ever produced.”

Michael G.

“’86 Chevy Monte Carlo SS love G bodies til this day.”

Tommy B.

“My first car, still own it after all these years.”

Adam C.

“My first car a 1983 Hurst/Olds. One of the many reasons I still have it.”

Danny R.

“1st car 1964 Impala SS 327/300 4-SPEED POSI Black on black. I was 16 yo. in 1968.”

Jeff K.

“The blue truck on the front of the trailer is totally responsible for the maroon truck on the back.”

Nick A.

“XD Falcon. Still have it 14 years later.”

Anthony S.

“1969 Dodge Charger. Proud owner.”

Michael C.

“My 1984 Pontiac Firebird back in 1984. This is my current version of that car though.”

Ray T.

“This ’71 Rally Nova my parents bought new in ’71 that’s me in the photo from 1974. I was six years old, still have the car today…”

“The car today after a 8-year rotisserie restoration.”

Gordon L.

“My 1986 Monte Carlo Luxury Sport. I bought it in March of 1987. I still have it and it has been absolutely fantastic! I love wrenching on it. Soooo easy compared to today’s rolling computers. It sounds awesome, turns heads and it puts a smile on my face everytime I get behind the wheel…”

Damien R.

“Growing up with Camaros.”

Cassie N.

“My mom’s ’72 Chevelle easily. I mean, how could you not fall in love?”

Patrick M.

“Always loved Chevelle’s and it was my dream to own one when I was a little kid. Now I’m 27 years old and I have owned a ’72 Chevelle and this is my current ’71 Chevelle. It’s getting a heart transplant now. Replacing the 383 that was in it with a 406. Wheels are being changed too. Putting Billet Specialties Street Lites all around. Hoping to run in the 11’s with it at the track this year.”

Alan M.

“’73 ‘Cuda I had in high school.”

Christian A.

“My grandpa’s ’66 F100 that was pass down to my dad that I drove to high school.”

Steve C.

“This same car. My ’67 Chevelle.”