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Photo Gallery: Readers Share Their Mopars

Our friends at Summit Racing are often sharing and receiving excellent car and truck photos on their Facebook and Instagram pages from fans and customers.

We like to make photo galleries out of them.

The Summit crew asked people recently to share photos of their Mopar vehicles for “Mopar Monday.” We don’t involve ourselves in the brand wars around here. We, more or less, like ALL vehicles as their tends to be something for everyone.

Per usual, we enjoyed reading through the Facebook thread for bonus details about some of these great cars and trucks.

Mopar or no car? Seems needlessly harsh. But we love the passion and enthusiasm.

Check out these gems.

Marc W.

Maryanne P.

Michael T.

Mike R.

Nathan N.

Nick B.

Nick D.

Nick V.

Patrick B.

Ric P.

Rich P.

Richard R.

Robbin J.

Robert H.

Robert O.

Ryan M.

Shawn G.

Stacy K.

Tim P.

Travis F.

Troy W.

Vestal G.

Vidar-Alexander R.

Zach P.

Alan C.

Allen J.

Antero O.

Bruce G.

Charles M.

Charles T.

Chase L.

Chris D.

Christina S.

Cliff S.

Cody K.

Craig M.

Dan M.

Daniel W.

Dave G.

David C.

David D.

David O.

Donn T.

Emilio M.

Eric P.

Fredrick M.

Geoff I.

George H.

Gilbert D.

Harry M.

Jaimie K.

Jake D.

James W.

Jamie B.

Jason M.

Jean Claude D.

Jeff N.

Jimmy T.

Joe A.

John S.

John S.

John T.

Juha P.

Justin B.

Justin J.

Keith D.

Kris M.

Kyle C. (5.8-second car)

Kyle M.

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  1. Perry Yasher says:

    Some GREAT cars!

  2. HAROLD LOVETT says:

    I love me some MOPARS. Great looking cars and they are a lot more out there that need saving. I spotted a 64 Dart 4 door outside of Jackson, GA on HWY. 42 yesterday. It looks to be a complete car if someone is interested.

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