Our friends at Summit Racing are often sharing and receiving excellent car and truck photos on their Facebook and Instagram pages from fans and customers.

We occasionally explore them to make photo galleries.

The Summit crew asked people recently to share the names and photos of their vehicles if they had nicknamed them. Per usual, the participants didn’t disappoint.

We had a good time reading through the thread for some of the stories behind the names, and got some laughs out of some of the names and stories that are a little too risque to share here.

Lots of great cars. Lots of great names. See for yourself.

‘Anne Margaret’ – Jeffrey H.

‘Annabelle’ – David D.

‘The Vroom Vroom Car’ – Shawn G.

‘War Machine’ – Frank A.

‘RodCena’ – Clay B.

‘Silver Bullet’ – Corey R.

‘Outcast’ and ‘Moody Blue II’ – Andy C.

‘Duck Hunter’ – Justin W.

‘Big Booty Judy’ – Cody R.

‘B’ – Lyndsy P.

‘Old Red’ – Kevin F.

‘Black Beauty’ – Melchior C.

‘Betsy’ – Dennis B.

‘Blown Budget’ – Jon G.

‘Old School’ – David J.

‘CutZilla’ – Tom G.

‘Beastie’ – Connie S.

‘Big Red’ – Jeff M.

‘Old Reliable’ – Craig S.

‘Kermit’ – Mike M.

‘The Flying Tangerine’ – Jeff B.

‘Monster Bronco’ – Michael D.

‘Green Hell’ – Brian C.

‘Full Metal GOAT’ – Houston K.

‘FUROR’ – Rob R.

‘The Rat’ – Troy D.

‘High Class’ – Kevin C.

‘Shop Girl’ – David C.

’50 Shades of Grey’ – Thomas C.

‘Blucifer’ – Earl M.

‘Betty’ – David F.

‘The Diva’ – April C.

‘Maggie’ – Gus T.

‘Cruella’ – Rene A.

‘BUTANIC’ – David B.

‘Nessie the Nova’ – Max B.

‘Nellie Belle’ – John O.

‘Blue Thunder’ – Chris B.

‘Trusty Rusty’ – Austin M.

‘The Money Pit’ – Ron T.

‘Norwegian Rat’ – Richard A.

‘Sucker Punch’ – Russ F.

‘The Brandywine 69’ – Dale M.

‘The Ghost’ – Steve B.

‘Walter the Curmudgeon’ – Rock C.

‘The Sith’ – Jake L.

‘Vulgar Display of Power’ – Brett S.

‘Cheviac’ – Nick D.

‘Nasty Bird’ – Ray K.

‘Neck Breaker’ – Tony D.

‘Deathtrap’ – Greg M.

‘Garbage that Barfed’ – Matt D.

‘Elly’ – Pap E.

‘Igor’ – Brett J.

‘Door Dinger’ – James R.

‘Franken-Car’ – Tim S.

‘The Duke’ – Paul H.

‘The Blue Mule’ – Skip T.

‘Celeste’ – Dave A.

‘Miss Taboo’ – Dalton C.

‘Pepe the Mismatched Silverado’ – Rand P.