Our friends at Summit Racing are always sharing and receiving excellent car and truck photos on their Facebook and Instagram pages, and we occasionally mine them for awesome photo galleries.

The Summit crew asked people recently to share photos of their Ford Mustangs for #MustangMonday.

The Bowtie tried to have a little fun at their expense, as the Ford vs. Chevy crowd is prone to do, but as fans of both Blue Ovals and Bowties (and basically everything with an engine) we loved seeing everyone’s Mustangs. We hope you will, too.

James H.

John S.

Keith R.

Ramon C.

Jason V.

Michael R.

Roger S.

Chad A.

Jamey W.

Duane R.

Sean M.

Eric H.

Rich S.

Kyle P.

Majid J.

T.J. C.

Jay S.

Jose G.

Jeffrey D.

Taz S.

Buddy V.

Bill W.

Ryan F.

Jared M.

Steve Z.

R.J. D.

Dennis G.

Terry P. (Father-Son Build for Son’s Daily Driver)

Brad M.

Johan D.

Bill D.

Tim W.

Tom P.

Darren M. (Wife’s Mustang)

Jeff D.

Mitchell N.

David W.

Brian E.

Jason B.

Sean T.

Tony F.

Linda N.