If you want good answers, you must first ask good questions.

Our friends running Summit Racing’s social media channels are skilled at asking good questions that encourage audience participation. And whenever possible, we like to share the results of those good questions.

On a recent #FreeForAllFriday themed post on Summit Racing’s Facebook page, people were asked to share their wildest builds. And per usual, our fellow hot rodders did not disappoint.

Here’s the proof.

“Hoss Ellington-Donnie Allison-Hawaiian Tropic Nascar tribute, carb’d 415 ci LS3 Stroker, T-56, 9″, Bonneville (land speed) compliant and street legal.” — Big Red Too

“A Sawzall Escort convertible. I shot holes through the floors with my 12 gauge to keep the rainwater from collecting.” — John S.

“1978 Cadillac hearse with a 5.9 Cummins turbo diesel.” — Kevin V.

“‘66 Zastava 750, chopped, frenched, dropped, factory suicide doors.” — Gabor O.

“’68 VW with SBC and a shortened S10 frame, with a 4-link rear all for corners on air.” — Mike L.

“1938 1-ton Pro Street. 455 big block with a 671 blower. The list goes on and on.” — James S.

“426 Hemi ’56 T-bird. Same family since new. Dual 750 AFB’s 12.5:1 compression, Dana 44 with 410’s, 727 Torqueflite with reverse manual shift.” — Randy B.

“’73 Charger with a EFI V10.” Jon G.

“With everybody dropping an LS into everything these days, I’m on the fringe with my 454/NV4500 combo going into my ’67 Suburban.” — Dustin G.

“My Opel Ascona C. My first custom project as a teenager. Chopped, hydraulic and paint, it was a absolute low budget project to learn things.” — Jimi R.

(Submitted with no comment.) — Jarod B.

“Ford M151a + Range Rover chassis + SBC.”  Gary D.

(Submitted with no comment.)  Skip T.

“4-wheel-drive C3 Vette.”  Jay H.

(Submitted with no comment.)  John M.

“’84 Z31 300ZX with custom aluminum widebody, Infiniti Q45 V8, Z32 300ZX TT trans and brakes, custom suspension built from circle track dirt car parts, and lots more.”  Nate C.

“#1 1956 Oldsmobile Super 88. BBC, Clay Smith roller with gear drive. TH400 Hugh’s 2800 stall 9-inch with Eaton 3.73 locker. Lots of custom. Ron Davis, 4-wheel disc brakes.”  Jay H.

(Submitted with no comment.)  Earl M.

If you’d like to see more of your fellow enthusiasts’ car builds, you can see the entire Summit Racing Facebook thread here: