One thing about Wes Adkins, owner of Wild Wes Paintworks and Hot Rod Factory: he over-delivers, big time.

This ’56 Vicky he built for owner Tony Confalone is no exception. Starting with a car that had suffered 30 years of Ohio’s winter wrath, Wes built this show-stunner in a style he calls Pro Vintage, combining the car’s classic factory appearance and trim with a modern drivetrain, suspension, and amenities. Pro Vintage even extends to the engine compartment, which houses a 312 cubic inch Y-block Ford with aluminum cylinder heads, fuel injection, and twin superchargers.

This is probably the nicest car we’ve put out to date,” Wes said in his interview with Wrenches and Rides. “We’re best known for our paintwork, but we want people to know that we can build complete cars of the highest caliber.”

Get the full story and a closer look in this video:

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