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Buyer’s Guide: 12 Signs that You Need…

Confused by the headline, aren’t you?

“Twelve signs that I need what? A new carburetor? More horsepower? Closure? Tell me, OnAllCylinders, what is it!?”

You’re thinking too hard. The answer is right there in the title. We’ve found 12 signs—literal signs; hotrod signs—that we think will add a bit of flair to any automotive enthusiast’s garage this holiday season.

Our friends at Summit Racing Gifts, Clothing and Memorabilia have a wide range of in-stock hotrod signs ranging from patriotic, to irreverent, to informative, and everything in between. Some of them are functional even.

How is the rest of the family supposed to know that dad’s garage is his garage without a sign designating it so? And in today’s litigation-happy society, how irresponsible is it park the wrong car in the wrong spot?

The universe may not be giving you a sign, but that doesn’t mean you can’t own a great one today. Here are a dozen of our favorites.

Holiday Gift Guide: Signs

Hurst Floor Shift Round Sign

Hurst Shifter Sign

American Flag Eagle Steel Sign

American Flag Eagle Steel Sign

Jeep Since 1941 Steel Sign

There’s The Door Steel Sign

There's The Door Steel Sign

Doubled-Sided Personalized Speed Shop Sign

Doubled-Sided Personalized Speed Shop Sign

Dad’s Garage Rates and Rules Linked Steel Sign

Ford Motor Company Corrugated Aluminum Sign

Just Because It’s A Bad Idea Box Sign

Just Because Bad Idea Sign

Can’t Fix Stupid Sign

Can't Fix Stupid Sign

Good Cheap Fast Steel Sign

Good Cheap Fast Steel Sign

USA License Plate Map Sign

USA License Plate Map

Laid-Back Cooler Chevrolet Aluminum Sign

Laid-Back Cooler Chevrolet Aluminum Sign

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  1. Joseph Straub says:


  2. My wife and kids have bought me several of these signs, including “Dads Garage” since, thanks to them (and they admit it!) my projects are WAY behind schedule. My sis-in-law drives a highly modified Jeep CJ-7 (built by all of us in my shop) that has the “It’s a Jeep thing…” quote painted across the windshield by our daughter. When my wifes ’16 GMC 2500 was finished earier this year, the same daughter broke out the pin stripe brushes again. The GMCs windshield says “I caught your Jeep thing and had to get a shot!”. Those two and the kids vehicles are just a few of whats gone through my shop in the past 5 years or so. Hopefully after reading this, you’ll understand why my projects are behind schedule. They say that I can get my stuff caught up now. We’ll see how that works out for me lol!

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