LAS VEGAS, NV — What’s the latest in street performance parts?

There’s no better place than the SEMA Show to find out. More specifically, the new products section at the show features some the show’s top products in one spot. We took a break from the crowds at the vendor booths and took a stroll around the new products section to have a look at automotive engineering at its best.

Check it out:

Granatelli Stainless Steel Oval Exhaust Cut-Outs

These cutouts bolt on to all standard 4-bolt flanges and can be operated from inside the cockpit with a one-touch switch—no button needs to be held down.

Turbosmart Kompact EM Bl0w-Off Valve

The world’s first universal electro-mechanical blow-off valve introduces higher flow rates and allows the user to relocate the valve–all while maintaining the factory ECU control.

Detroit Speed Hub Adapter Kit

Get improved hub stiffness, performance, and durability! This adapter kit allows the use of SKF Racing X-Tracker hubs on the factory 1993-2002 Camaro spindle. It’s a 100 percent bolt-on setup!

AutoMeter Chrono Direct-Fit Gauges

These complete kits include indicator lights, wiring, connectors, dash mounting panel, sensors and six full-sweep gauges.

Ford Performance MagneRide Handling Pack

The Ford Performance MagneRide Handling Pack maximizes the handling potential of MagneRide-equipped Mustangs. The kit includes springs, sway bars, and Vehicle Dynamics Module (VDM) software update that provides a substantial improvement to performance.

Kooks Stainless Steel Long-Tube Headers

Available with 1 3/4-inch, 1 7/8-inch, and 2-inch primary size options, these long-tube headers and connection pipes come with Ultra High Performance Green catted, High Performance catted, and non-catted configurations.

Aldan American TrueLine Shocks for 1963-87 C10

Aldan’s TrueLine series C10 shock absorbers offer adjustability for more consistent, smoother ride over stock 1963-87 C10s.

Flex-a-Lite Flex-Wave Electric Fan

The Flex-Wave features a unique fan blade design that moves up to 25 percent more airflow than comparable electric fans and is also quieter than traditional straight- and S-blade designs.

SPEC Clutches 2018-19 Mustang GT Super Twin Clutch/Flywheel Assembly

SPEC Clutch has introduced the all-billet 2018-19 Mustang GT Super Twin clutch/flywheel assembly for street, drag, road course, and drift. Direct bolt-in and SFI-certified, these units have five material options and are built to handle up to 1,525 ft.-lbs. of torque.

Dakota Digital HDX Universal Instrument System

The Dakota Digital HDX-2100 is a race-oriented instrument system that features a powdercoated billet aluminum face plating and your choice of black or silver faces. It offer 30 programmable  lighting colors to match any theme, plus indicators for blinkers, high beams, check engine, cruise control, and more.

JE Piston Ultra Series Pistons for Ford Coyote

JE Piston’s Ultra Series pistons utilizes JE’s proprietary Grain Flow Optimized Forging to improve strength in critical areas.

FST Electro-Jet Electronic Carburetor

FST’s 600 cfm Electro-Jet Carburetor is an electronically controlled wide band carburetor with an electric choke and phone app-based tuning that allows you to easily adjust your air-fuel ratio.

Spectre Performance Air Intake System

Spectre Performance brings its proven airflow and performance increases to 2014-18 RAM 2500/3500 6.4L V8s.

COMP Cams LST Camshaft Packages for GM LS

COMP Cams takes the guesswork out of choosing the right valvetrain upgrade package with its LST Camshaft Upgrade Packages. You can choose a basic “base cam” kit or a more comprehensive “master kit,” depending on your budget.

Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger for the 2018-19 Ford Mustang 5.0L

Edelbrock has brought increased performance to its 5.0L Coyote supercharger thanks to some key upgrades. The latest iteration of the supercharger features a high-efficiency Eaton R2650 TVS rotor pack with high-twist lobes, bigger bearings and beefier timing gears for maximum efficiency. Edelbrock says the supercharger makes 623 horsepower and 510 ft.-lbs. of torque.

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Author: David Fuller

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