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Lot Shots Find of the Week: Datsun 620 “Little Hustler” Pickup Truck



Today’s pickup truck market is a pretty crowded space, with competitive entries from Ford, Chevy/GMC, Ram, Toyota, Honda, and Nissan.

But before the Japanese got into the full-size game, they were making compact light trucks that appealed to folks who wanted the utility of a pickup bed, but couldn’t spare the space (or expense) of a half-ton.

Given their economical, utilitarian origins (combined with their propensity to rust), these light-duty import trucks were often ridden hard and put away wet.

Nowadays seeing one of these early import haulers is akin to spotting a narwhal in your grocery store.

So we were pretty darn giddy when this classic Nissan/Datsun pickup ambled into the Summit Racing retail store parking lot for this week’s Lot Shots.

This particular specimen is a Datsun 620, which went under the name “Little Hustler” in the United States.

Into Datsuns? You’ll probably dig this.

We can tell that it’s a later 1970s version, specifically a 1977-79.

That’s because it’s got the rare “king cab” and five-speed options, which got introduced in 1977, before the 620 generation ended after 1979.

If you can provide more insight on the proper year, please let us know in the comments below.

Though it’s got some rust-through, this Datsun’s owner has clearcoated the whole rig, which will preserve the original patina while keeping the tinworm from finishing its feast.

Outside of a significantly lowered suspension, the dog-dish hubcaps, plaid seats, and faded baby-blue paint make this truck a rolling time capsule.















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  1. Stephanie McNeill and Nick furman says:

    It’s my tuck and it’s a 79 🙂

  2. You could have also narrowed it down to 78-79 by the late model grill and grill badge, and even further down to 79 because of the Datsun by Nissan fender badges (last year only). Another thing to look for is the clam shell-style front disk brakes, they were late model only as well (78-79), but less likely to have been swapped from another truck like grills or fender badges.

  3. Looks like my little old Datsun PU. But mine had tubular bumpers. No idea what year it was. The interior looked identical and it was a King Cab.

  4. This was such a fun truck for me and my dad and best friend to build i have some more pic of it before it was done and during we built it in about 24 hours and if very first rode trip in after it was done was to a car show about 60miles away one way it placed top 75 out of 833 cars i am sure going to miss the little hustler but i could not be anymore pleased that the new owner with take good care of so it will be aroud for many more years

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