NORWALK OH. — Ford Performance and Cobra Jet fans were treated to a rare treat this past weekend at Summit Motorsports Park, the site of the 50th Anniversary Ford Performance Cobra Jet Reunion, which took place in conjunction with the NMCA All-American Nationals.

Some Cobra Jet-powered vehicles raced competitively, while others sat around looking show-car glorious. And some non-Cobra Jet powered Blue Oval gems got in on the festivities as well.

We had poor light conditions inside the tents, and a substandard photographer snapping photos, but hopefully the following gallery will give you a taste of many of the amazing cars we were treated to this weekend in Norwalk.

(All Images/OnAllCylinders)

Blue Ford GT with white racing stripes Ford GT dark red with carbon fiber wheels Ford GT supercharged shelby mustang

black classic ford mustang

white cobra jet mustang racing blue ford mustang cobra classic 1968 Cobra Jet Mustang white ford cobra jet gas ronda drag car Mercury Cobra Jet CJ 428 silver cobra jet mustang orange shelby ford mustang convertible classic twin turbo ford racing engine green shelby mustang ford engine bay white classic ford mustang cobra jet 428 engine 1979 Mercury Cyclone 429 Cobra Jet bronze ford mustang classic black ford mustang Blue 1969 Shelby GT500 Mustang mercury cobra jet Ford GT taillights

(All Images/OnAllCylinders)