RENO, NV. — We’re embarassed to tell you how many thousands of unpublished car show and event photos we have from years gone by. The hazards of dabbling in automotive media, we guess.

Our friend Nicole Kunar from Summit Racings social media team spent most of last week in the biggest little city in the world, taking photos of all the excellent automotive eye candy sprinkling the Nevada-California border.

Lots and lots of photos, she took, and we’re doing our best to make sure they don’t end up sad and alone in unviewed computer files.

[NOTE: See Part 1 of our Hot August Nights photo gallery here.]

If you’ve ever attended Hot August Nights, you already know there’s more to see than any one camera could ever capture.

We’re sharing pretty much everything we can.

There are so many amazing vehicles at this show that a bit of sensory overload takes place while trying to digest it all.

Which, for us, is in no way a problem.

More hot rods below. We hope you like some of them.

(All Images/Nicole Kunar – Summit Racing)