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Bangshiftin’ & Roadtrippin’: 2018 Bonneville Speed Week 2018 Photo Gallery

The world’s fastest land-speed vehicles have once again descended on the hallowed racing grounds of Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats for the 2018 edition of Bonneville Speed Week.

And, per usual, our friends at BangShift made the trip to the Salt Flats to cover the action and bless us with their articles and photos from what might be the coolest photography landscape anywhere.

BangShift Editor-in-Chief Brian Lohnes was on the scene with his camera.

You should definitely check out BangShift’s 2018 Bonneville Speed Week coverage.

Meanwhile, here are some cool Speed Week shots by Lohnes for your viewing pleasure.

(All Images/BangShift – Brian Lohnes)


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  1. James W Van Marr says:

    Thanks 4 the Great Shots & info, the local liberal T V News media here in Salty City have forgotten the ” Salt Flats Bonneville History ” ! Knowing ” World Records Have been broken ” I haven’t heard a thing ! Make U wonder why they aren’t in step, there making money from it ” Big Time ” ! As they say Utah is 100 years behind the times , ElCo Jim Murray, Utah ! & I support SCTA & the ” Salt Racing Folks ” ! Thanks for your part !!!

  2. How come you guys never show any photos of Speed Demon?

  3. Geoff Stilwell says:

    Thanks for the picture of my car. 7707 Blown Fuel Roadster which set the class record at 258.679mph. Big thanks to Lucas Oil and ISKY Cams.

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