Sergio Marchionne, the former president of both Ferrari and Fiat Chrysler, died Wednesday from complications following a surgical procedure on his shoulder in Italy three weeks ago, according to several news reports.

Marchionne was 66.

He is widely credited for saving both Fiat and Chrysler, and then combining them into a profitable business. It could be said that beloved vehicles like the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, the new Jeep Wrangler JL, and some high performance Alfa Romeo models wouldn’t exist with Marchionne spearheading Fiat Chrysler.

He was not just the business figurehead at two of the world’s most significant automakers, but was also a towering figure in Formula 1 racing.

Marchionne was “a great leader of not just Formula 1 and the automobile world, but the business world overall. He led with great passion, energy and insight, and inspired all around him. His contributions to Formula 1 are immeasurable. He was also a true friend to all of us and he will be deeply missed,” Formula 1 Chairman Chase Carey said in an Autoweek report.

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