Many engine builders will cut into a used oil filter to inspect what the filter has trapped—looking for things like bits of metal or sludge that could indicate an internal engine problem.

But cutting into an oil filter isn’t a precise (or clean) process, which is why these new Clear View Filtration Oil Filters are so handy.

Clear View oil filters have clear sight windows that let you monitor your engine oil’s condition as it’s being pumped through the engine. That can help you quickly determine the oil’s condition before bad things happen.

When the engine isn’t running, you can empty a Clear View filter without draining any oil or loosening any fittings. That allows you to closely inspect the filter element and any particles to see if there is abnormal wear of the engine bearings or other components.

Clear View oil filters have a billet aluminum housing with a clear polycarbonate sight window. The reusable stainless steel mesh filter elements are available in 60- and 150-micron versions.

They’re rated to 150 psi max. pressure and 200 degrees F, and use AN fitting ports for plumbing.

You can see how they work in this demonstration video from Clear View Filtration.

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