Yes, Memorial Day is celebrated as the official start of summer

But we won’t lose sight of the real purpose for the holiday: To remember and honor all of the men and women throughout our nation’s history that have made the ultimate sacrifice so the rest of us can enjoy the many blessings we do.

Their courage and sacrifice is not forgotten, nor will it ever be.

To honor all who have served—past and present—we’ve put together this gallery of vehicles built or owned exclusively by veterans or active military members. Thanks to everyone who shared their rides via the Summit Racing Facebook and Instagram pages!


“Used to lust over this car while stationed at the 82nd, now she is mine.”—Percival O.

“My 73 Dodge Dart was my deployment baby. I bought it as my first car, but used the funds from my deployment in the Navy to build her up. 360 LA with all forged aluminum internals. My favorite pavement pounder!”—Devin O.

“My 2 cars and my working ride. 1969 SS-427 Camaro. 1972 El Camino SS. U.S. Navy Retired.” –Mark H.

 5 years in VMFA-312.
’13 JK Commando Green with a lot of Metalcoak stuff on it.”—Craig H.

“Got this after getting out of the Corps. 1970 Nova powered by a 383.”—Johannes A.

“69 Chevelle 😎 USAF Big Block 454, TH 350 with 3:73 posi rear. Viper ‘Stryker Red’ paint with black interior.”—Robert V.S.

“USAF ’03-’09. My ’70 Chevelle SS. Lots of Summit Racing parts and many more planned.”—Frank R.

“USMC veteran here.  Here’s my 69 Camaro, note the Marine Corps flag in the pic as well. Semper Fi”—Gregory W.

“Still active Air Force going on 26 years, bought the car in 1996.” —Jon M.


“1953 M-38A1 Willys, 0-40 mph in 3-4 minutes.
US Army 1971-1995.”—Donald O.

“67 Camaro RS/SS, 383 Stroker / AFR Heads / Solid Roller motor / H-beam rods, Sealed Pro Pistons, Muncie M21, 12 Bolt diff,
all factory deluxe interior with center console and gauge pod. American Muscle Rocks!!”
—Kevin K.


 “Active army, going on 5 years. Just picked this 69 up when I got home from deployment.” —Brian B.


“USMC. ’87 SS built 355/th350. A little weekend warrior and show vehicle.”—Michael D.

“My 4th Nova, bought in 05 and it’s a 70′ with 5.3/4L60E… still in, 18yrs and counting.”—JJ M.

“Navy 01-10. 1950 Chevy 3100.”—Brandon S.

“1992 BMW E36 coupe with a small block Ford swap. 1989-1994 U.S. Navy Submarine veteran, IC2/SS.”—Michael T.

“Retired Navy veteran.”—Tom P.

“My current rides: 65 Impala SS. 69 Chevelle SS Pro Street, 69 Impala original 4 speed car. Marine Corps 1977-1981.”—Don L.

“727 hp of modern muscle. USN 1997-2006.”—Jeramie M.


“There are many like it but this one is mine. I’ve owned it since 2005 and it was my first vehicle.
It PCSed to Fort Riley and then on to Fort Carson and now settling in Lima, Ohio.- US Army”—Matt M.

“My dad’s ’81 corvette. He served 2 tours in Vietnam and turned 70 years old today. Coolest guy on the planet.”—Tim H.

“71 C10 2WD running the original 307 over 100k. 6 inches of lift 285/17s. My stress relief. 26 yrs active duty USAF.”—Jim C.

“1969 SS-427 Camaro. U.S. Navy, 1976-1996.”—Mark H.

“This is my son’s car Dakota Ray. ’65 mustang coupe, we have worked on side by side since age 14. He is now 23 and currently serving in his 6th year in the Tn Air National Guard. He is so proud of his ride. 289 SBF, T5 trans, Holley terminator EFI, Lincoln 9″ and spindles, 4 wheel disc brakes, Summit roller rockers, Cobra valve covers on ported and polished 351W heads, lowered 2″ and rides on 17″ COY wheels and Hankooks.”—Walls R.


“1970 Chevelle, 468, TH400, 175hp shot,. Runs 11.50 at 4200 lbs. Owned for 29 years. George AFB. 87-91.”—Kevin I.


“USMC. 1951 Ford F1 -302.”—Wayne T.

“My Dad’s. 37 years Army Retired.”—Jeff D.


“70 Challenger R/T. Building a 496 stroker out of a 383. Was my dad’s since 76. He joined the Air Force in 78 and did 21 years.
I got the car and joined the Air Force in 04 and am still going.”
—Andrew W.

“Started this project while I was stationed at Ft Carson. A work in progress.”—Jay M.

“My two year project. Vietnam veteran 67/68 US Army.”—Mike B.

“USMC retired Vietnam veteran Bob Thomas’s numbers matching 1970 Roadrunner….”—Joe O.

“Retired US Air Force 20 years, 1952 International L110 and 2010 RT.”—Doug B.

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Author: David Fuller

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