To “bed-in” a winch means to ensure the cable is properly wound around the winch drum.

Why is that important?

If your cable or rope isn’t wound correctly, the part of the cable under the most tension can bury into the cable that’s already wound around the drum.

Off-roaders call this “bird nesting,” and it will cause all sorts of grief when you need your winch most during a recovery situation. (In other words, it makes it difficult for you to un-spool and re-spool your line, and can cause damage/kinks in the cable.)

The down-under off-road experts at ARB made this straightforward video on how to properly bed-in your winch.

All you’ll need is your winch-equipped vehicle, a gentle incline, and a large tree or other secure attachment point.

The video is chock-full of basic winching tips, like:

  • ALWAYS wear gloves, and
  • NEVER get your hands too close to the fairlead

Bonus points for ARB’s awesome Volkswagen Amarok that’s kitted-out in all sorts of off-road gear, including a wicked ARB bumper, snorkel, and a Warn winch. (VW, if you’re listening, please bring the Amarok to the USA!)

Watch the video now:

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