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The annual Easter Jeep Safari is a big deal in the off-road world. So big in fact, that many off-road companies use the event to unveil their newest gear—and Jeep always takes center stage with a fleet of one-off, custom concept vehicles.

These off-roaders are usually Jeep design studies and won’t see showroom floors. Elements from these wild rides however, can trickle their way into standard production models.

Regardless, its nice to see the folks at Jeep have their fingers on the collective pulses of the off-road community.

Here are the concept vehicles Jeep brought to the 2018 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, UT.

Jeep Nacho


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The Nacho is basically a rolling Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) catalog, decked-out in custom LED lights, a Rubicon bumper, 37-inch tires, beadlock wheels, and a Warn winch. A new JPP cold air intake kit feeds the 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder. The Nacho also boasts an innovative four-color LED light system to let the driver visually alert nearby Jeepers of trail conditions.

Jeep Wagoneer Road Trip


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Jeep took the venerable Jeep Wagoneer, stretched its wheelbase, boxed the frame, added a modern 5.7L V8, and re-did the interior in vintage-chic aesthetics. Yeah, we really dig this one.

Also, Jeep, bring back white steel wheels!

Jeep Jeepster


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Bringing the much-loved Jeepster into the 21st century, Jeep chopped a Wrangler down by two inches, raked the windshield, and added a two-inch lift. Inside, the Jeepster’s got a custom roll cage and leather seats. The Jeepster is finished off in a very retro-inspired red/white color scheme.

Jeep J-Wagon


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The J-Wagon is a serious off-roader for those who like a dash of luxury. Boasting custom upholstery, a sealed cabin and hardtop, tinted windows, plus premium interior appointments, the J-Wagon gives-off a subtle, yet elegant vibe. When the asphalt turns to dirt, rock sliders, five-inch LED lights, snorkel, and a vented hood maintain Jeep’s legendary off-road capability.

Jeep B-Ute


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Based on the smaller Renegade SUV, the B-Ute is kitted-out with Jeep Performance Parts, like a roof rack, 1.5-inch lift, and rock rails. Unique interior accents and custom front/rear fascias give the B-Ute serious off-road credentials.

Jeep Sandstorm


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The Sandstorm is Jeep’s take on the high-jumping, dune-streaking Baja racers. A vented hood, tube bumpers, lay-down spare tire carrier, high clearance fender flares, and long-travel shocks allow the Sandstorm to blast across long stretches of desert floor. The Sandstorm also features on-board air, heavy-duty Dynatrac axles, and 39.5-inch BF Goodrich Krawler tires.

Jeep 4Speed


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Taking a page out of Colin Chapman‘s book, the Jeep 4Speed is a stripped-down, Bantam weight off-roader. Its got Jeep’s new 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder, plus a slew of carbon-fiber body components to give the Jeep sports car-like agility. The 4Speed has a shorter wheelbase and taller ride height to improve arrival/departure angles.