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This Custom 1972 Stingray Will Please Even the Most Steadfast Corvette Purist


(Image/Jeff Monchilov)

The vintage Corvette community can place a lot of importance on originality, and things like factory-correct chalk marks, tank stickers, and matching numbers are a big, big deal.

But after seeing what Jeff Monchilov did to this stunning 1972 Stingray, we’re confident he’d earn a hearty “thumbs up” from even the most hardened OE perfectionists.

Jeff owns Speedvette, a business that specializes in custom Corvette products, so it’s only natural that he dress his latest crossed-flag creation in his company’s own parts.

The ’72 features a Speedvette LT1 long hood and smoothed firewall, a C6-style rear decklid, and a C6 interior package.

Under the custom hood is a GM LS3 engine that’s cranking out 525 horsepower, and the sculpted C3 body is coated in a custom-mixed paint Jeff calls “Super Blue.”

The Corvette also benefits from a mix of parts from companies like Lokar, Detroit Speed, Baer, Ridetech, Be Cool, and Borgeson.

Jeff’s Stingray is currently making the rounds on the show car circuit, and recently grabbed a 1st-place trophy in the Mild Sport category at the 2018 Detroit Autorama.

Whether you’re into OE-spec or wild customs, it’s nigh-impossible to find fault with such a beautiful build. Check out the photos and see for yourself:


(Image/Jeff Monchilov)


(Image/Jeff Monchilov)


(Image/Jeff Monchilov)


(Image/Jeff Monchilov)





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  1. John Dillon says:

    Well done! Good taste on every improvement.

  2. Steve duBois says:

    What are the wheels and what side+ what size tires?
    Steve in O-Side

  3. Andrew Perry says:

    When dreaming of super cool awesome vehicles my dream state hopefully will sit me in the ray.
    If not I’ll class them a nightmares.
    Winning wheels only come to be the foot note of a classy Classic!

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