Your mass air flow sensor, or MAF, is a critical part of your engine.

It tells your engine control unit (ECU), or simply “computer” how much air is entering the engine. The ECU uses that data to adjust the amount of fuel to deliver to ensure an optimal air/fuel ratio.

Unfortunately, since they’re precision electronic devices, mass airflow sensors also have a reputation for being fragile.

So if your MAF is going bad, it could negatively affect starting, idle quality, exhaust emissions, and fuel economy, while causing a host of other engine problems in the process.

But replacing one isn’t hard—the MAF mavens over at Cardone put together this video which provides helpful MAF installation tips.

More importantly, the video will show some simple tests you can do to make sure your mass airflow sensor is the cause of your problem, so you don’t waste money by replacing perfectly good parts.

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