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SEMA Quick Feature: Ringbrothers’ “Defiant” 1972 AMX Javelin


LAS VEGAS, NV — You wanted it, and we found it!

A couple of our readers asked for a post on Ringbrothers’ 1972 AMX Javelin. It took us three days and carried us to the very far ends of the upper North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, but we managed to track it down.

It was easily worth the effort.

We haven’t seen a ton of high-profile builders put their spin on American Motors’ Javelin. And we definitely haven’t seen a Javelin like this. Ringbrothers went with the new Mopar 6.2L Hellcrate crate motor (Whipple-supercharged with a Holley fuel management system) and paired it to a Chevy 4L80E automatic transmission. A QA1 carbon fiber driveshaft is tasked with handling all that Hellcat horsepower.

The suspension system is Detroit Speed up front, with a Ringbrothers‘ custom four-link in back. RideTech provided the shocks, and Detroit Speed supplied the front sway bars. The Javelin sports a set of 20-inch rims on Michelin tires, and Baer Brakes delivers the stopping power with its 6S 6-piston caliper setup. The AMX is covered in BASF Jalop Gold paint.

Have a closer look at Ringbrothers’ “Defiant” 1972 AMX Javelin below:

(All Images/OnAllCylinders)

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  1. It was worth the search. This is the best Nash Rambler that I have ever seen. Well done by the Ring’s.

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