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Mopar Unleashes the “Hellcrate” Crate Engine!

LAS VEGAS, NV — The cat is out of the bag. Or, more accurately, the Hellcat is out of the bag.

Fiat-Chrysler revealed the “Hellcrate” crate engine ahead of the SEMA Show, but it made its official debut in Las Vegas on Tuesday. The crate engine version of the Hellcat means you can now add the supercharged, 707-horsepower engine to your next project car (if it can handle it).

The Hellcrate delivers a stout 650 ft.-lbs. of torque to go with its gaudy horsepower rating, and it’s backed with a three-year, unlimited-mile warranty.

So the obvious question: What’s the cost?

$19,530 (plus the cost of the engine kit if you want to buy that, too). The engine kit comes with a powertrain control module, engine wiring harness, accelerator pedal, sensors, and fuel pump control module. That goes for $2,195.



  1. Ty Gross. aka:: MOTORHEAD TY says:


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  3. $22000.00 dollars???!!! I can build a big block Chevy for less than half that with the same horsepower!

  4. You may build a big block Chevy with same horsepower, but it won’t run the same.

  5. Will it fit a 2014 charger?

  6. Chevy will never ever?!!! Equal a Mopar no matter what. Even a truck

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