2019 Jeep Scrambler

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About the 2019 Jeep Scrambler JT

Jeep fans have been clamoring for another Wrangler-based pickup since the beloved CJ-8 Scrambler ceased production in 1985. Now, with the all-new Wrangler JL, it looks like Jeep is finally going to deliver.

As of now, the 2019 Jeep Scrambler is slated to begin production in September 2018. We’ll let you know if we hear about that date changing.

It is assumed that the new Jeep Scrambler will carry over much of the powertrain options, colors, trim levels, and accessories of its stablemate, the Wrangler JL.

That means Jeepers can count on a seven-slot grille, legendary 4×4 capability, removable doors and top, and a fold-down windshield.

It’s yet to be determined how the truck bed will affect the Scrambler’s off-road prowess, but the geometry of the similar Wrangler Unlimited still carries impressive approach and departure angles. We expect the Scrambler will share many underpinnings with the four-door Wrangler Unlimited, as most sources say the new truck will be exclusively a four-door.

The 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Owner’s Manual and User Guide are available online, and are both excellent resources to glean information on the nascent Scrambler.

The folks at JL Wrangler Forums have made download links to the PDF files, which you’ll find here:

Leaked! Someone has leaked a document that indicates what seems like the new Scrambler’s towing and payload capabilities. According to the document, the new Wrangler-based pickup will have a 3,500-pound max. towing capacity and be able to carry 1,075 to 1,310 pounds of cargo (based on engine choice).

Read the full article here on Jalopnik: Apparently Leaked Documents Lay Out New Jeep Wrangler Truck’s Towing And Payload Power

Here is more recommended reading material for the upcoming Jeep Scrambler:

What’s New in the 2019 Jeep Scrambler JT?

Though its exact length is unconfirmed, it’s anticipated that the Scrambler’s bed will be roughly six feet long. For reference, the shortest bed found on a Ram truck is 5′ 7″ (Jeep and Ram are both part of the FCA US LLC family tree).

Much of the new features that were heralded in the arrival of the Wrangler JL will carry over. This would include the long-anticipated diesel engine, aluminum body panels, and LED lighting.

A dash panel of auxiliary switches is also in the new Wrangler—handy for folks looking to add light bars, winches, and other electrical accessories.

2019 Jeep Scrambler JT Engine Options

2019 Jeep Scrambler


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(Image/Brian Williams, SpiedBilde)


(Image/Brian Williams, SpiedBilde)