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Lot Shots: 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX

1967 Plymouth GTX Driver's Side Front

(Image/OnAllCylinders – Paul Sakalas)

“Holy Schnikes!”

The entire staff at OnAllCylinders erupted in that famous line from 1995’s seminal film “Tommy Boy” when today’s Lot Shot rolled onto our pavement.

For those unfamiliar with the cinematic masterpiece, the movie stars Chris Farley, David Spade, and a 1967 Plymouth GTX.

Unlike the Tommy Boy GTX however, this one is in pristine condition. We found no damage to the driver’s side door hinges and there were no deer prints on the rear upholstery either.

Instead, we found a low-miles Mopar, complete with its original 440 cubic inch engine and four-speed floor shifter.

The GTX was originally introduced by Plymouth as upscale trim on the Belvedere. It was intended to be a “gentleman’s muscle car” thanks to its impressive performance and well-groomed style. The GTX would eventually evolve into a standalone model.

In ’67, you could get yours powered by the venerable 440, or opt for the legendary 426 Hemi. Either option would hustle the Mopar through a quarter-mile in about 15 seconds.

As with most muscle cars, the GTX gradually faded into obscurity during the early 1970s. Its swan song was as a trim level on the 1974 Plymouth Road Runner.

Though the Tommy Boy GTX was a convertible, we’d gladly take this hardtop.

…even if there may be melted chocolate inside the dash.

1967 Plymouth GTX Grille

1967 Plymouth GTX Rear, Passenger Side

1967 Plymouth GTX Engine

Photos by OnAllCylinders – Paul Sakalas

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  1. lee middleton says:

    the car is very nice . it does not have the original bell housing,trans or dana ! also i have the twin to that car only mine has black interior original . and mostly original paint . both cars were bought new here in akron from arnet motors on west market next to city hospital. now a parking deck ! i have pictures in my fornt yard of both cars back in about 1977 thats when i bought my x and still have it with 22.000 miles on it ! thanks for showing this on it really is a nice car !! don’t know who owns it now but would like to got lots of info about the car i’d like to share !

  2. This beautiful 67 gtx is my father’s old car Vince Janis of Janis transmission..
    He built this piece of history with his late father of 1993 Mr.Rod Janis

  3. paolo says hi says:

    This reminds me of one I found in a wreckyard in San Francisco about 1987. The 440 and 4 speed were gone but it was otherwise complete and rust free.The original paint (I think it’s called Turbine Bronze) was still shiny. The interior was nice too. Unfortunately they had stacked another car on top of it denting the roof but not crushing it or breaking any glass amazingly. They were willing to sell it to me for $1500 bucks but I had no place to put it because I already had 6 other cars at the time. Really sad.

  4. larry murrell says:

    hello ive got a 69 roadrunner440motor in it does run ok needs a tuneup do you know anyone out there that may like to trade for my roadrunner im looking for one with 318 or 340 engine in a 67 belvedere my car isnt original but looks nice red black interior bucket seats sway bar on front race cam the 440 motor most all rust has been taken outc car is automatic would like aconvertible with 318 engine let me know if you may be interested or know someone that would be thanks callcell 405-740-4547 larry

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