Camaro, 1st-Gen, Silver
You could find Camaros of every generation at the recent NEOCC Fall Classic. (Image/David Fuller)

This past weekend, the NorthEastern Ohio Camaro Club (NEOCC) descended on Summit Racing’s Tallmadge, OH Retail Super Store to hold its annual Fall Classic.

The parking lot was crammed with Camaros of every generation, drawing in folks from all walks of life.

The star of the show might have been the legendary Bill Jenkins “Grumpy’s Toy IV” Camaro. (You can read about that particular car here.)

Split bumper or straight, T-top or drop top, Z/28 or Z28—if you’re a fan of Chevrolet’s iconic ponycar, we’re sure you’ll enjoy these photos.

5th-Gen Camaro Convertible

Camaro, 2nd-Gen, Race

Camaro, 1st-Gen, Orange and Black

Camaros at Car Show

Camaro, 6th-Gen, Green

Camaro, 6th-Gen, ZL-1

Camaro, Grumpy's Toy 4

Camaro, Grumpy's Toy IV

Camaro, 1st-Gen, Orange

Camaro, 3rd-Gen

Camaro, 2nd-Gen, Brown

Camaro, 1st-Gen, Black and White

Camaro, 4th-Gen, 30th Anniversary

Camaro, 2nd-Gen, Custom Blue

Camaro, 2nd-Gen, Split Bumper RS

Camaro, 1st-Gen, Green and Black

Camaro with Patriotic Paint

Camaro, 2nd-Gen, Green

Camaros in a Row

Camaro, 2nd-Gen, Solid Bumper

Camaro, 6th-Gen, Black

Camaro, 5th-Gen, Black

Camaro, 2nd-Gen, Orange

Camaro, 2nd-Gen, Engine

Camaro, 2nd-Gen, Black

Camaro, 1st-Gen, Orange and White

Camaro, 2nd-Gen, Z/28

Camaro, 5th-Gen, Blue

Camaro, 1st-Gen, Green

Photos by OnAllCylinders – David Fuller

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