The OnAllCylinders Readers’ Choice Awards are an opportunity for you to give us your opinion on a wide range of automotive topics. For the past few weeks, you’ve done just that.

Loyalties are strong and the discussions sometimes got heated, but the results are always interesting. Here’s how the voting shook out.


2017 Chevy Silverado


Best Full Size Truck
This is easily the most contested category every year. This time around however, we combined the Chevy/GMC twins into a single entry. It may have given them an edge, as they eked out a narrow victory over the venerable Ford F-150.

It’s worth pointing out that Toyota and Nissan had a significant vote tally, too—perhaps brewing an upset for next year?

  1. Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra
  2. Ford F-Series
  3. Ram 1500
  4. Toyota Tundra
  5. Nissan Titan


Roadkill's Finnegan and Freiburger


Best TV/Web Series
Thrashing. Shellacking. Rout. Landslide. We’ve run out of adjectives to describe how big of a trouncing Roadkill put on the other shows.

We had about a dozen write-ins too—including some shows we didn’t know about. So thanks for helping us schedule our DVR for the winter.

  1. Roadkill
  2. Fast N’ Loud/Gas Monkey Garage
  3. The Grand Tour
  4. Dirt Every Day
  5. Barret-Jackson Auto Auction Coverage
  6. Street Outlaws (write-in)
  7. PowerNation (write-in)
  8. Mighty Car Mods (write-in)


Flowmaster Exhaust Systems

(Image/Summit Racing)

Best Exhaust Manufacturer
Flowmaster was a clear winner here, but we have a mia culpa first.

Obviously we overlooked the popularity of Borla. Never before has a write-in placed so high in the rankings. It finished third, beating the other two players in the field by a significant margin. Had we included it in the five-name field, Borla probably would’ve placed even higher.

Thanks for setting us straight.

  1. Flowmaster
  2. Magnaflow
  3. Borla (write-in)
  4. Corsa
  5. Gibson
  6. Cherry Bomb (write-in)
  7. SpinTech (write-in)
  8. MBRP


BFGoodrich Tires

(Image/Summit Racing)

Best Street Performance Tires
There were plenty of write-ins for this category, including Mickey Thompson, Dunlop, and Cooper, but BFGoodrich ran away with the win. Folks pointed out that there should be more subcategories based on more tire types and applications—so maybe we’ll work those in next year.

  1. BF Goodrich
  2. Michelin
  3. Nitto
  4. Toyo
  5. Goodyear
  6. Mickey Thompson (write-in)


American Racing Wheels

(Image/Summit Racing)

Best Aftermarket Wheel Manufacturer
This was the closest voting we’ve seen in a while. American Racing won by a single vote, and Cragar and Weld tied for second place right behind them.

Centerline was a popular write-in, actually beating two other brands on the ballot.

  1. American Racing
  2. Cragar / Weld (tie)
  3. Centerline (write-in)
  4. Enkei
  5. Wheel Vintiques


Quick Jack Vehicle Lift

(Image/Summit Racing)

Best New Product
It’s clear that you all work on your cars, as your voting revealed that you liked the QuickJack Vehicle Lifts. We agree, it’d be a handy asset to have in our garages. You also like to stay organized, voting DECKED’s In-Vehicle Storage Systems to second place.

  1. QuickJack Vehicle Lifts
  2. DECKED In-Vehicle Storage Systems
  3. XForce Varex Exhaust Smart Boxes
  4. AutoMeter DashLink Smartphone Interface
  5. Wagner MotoCoat Paint Sprayer


Ford Shelby GT 350 R


Best Current American High Performance Car
Ford fans can claim a decisive victory with the Shelby GT350R. Was that because the Camaro and Corvette robbed votes from each other? It’s tough to say.

Several folks wondered why the new Dodge Demon wasn’t included. Being such a late-year release, we opted for the SRT Hellcat and its more tenured run. You’ll find the Demon in our “In Development” category.

  1. Ford Shelby GT350R
  2. Chevy Corvette Z06
  3. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
  4. Chevy Camaro ZL1
  5. Dodge Viper


2017 Dodge Challenger Demon


Best In Development New Vehicle
Surprising and not-so-surprising results here. You folks like your muscle cars, so the Demon was the clear winner. The Corvette and the Bronco however, were neck-and-neck. Perhaps the appeal of a potential mid-engined C8 was enough to give the ‘Vette the win. Many folks voted Bronco with the hopes that it would be true to its rugged, utilitarian roots.

A notable write-in is Toyota’s upcoming Supra. The long-dormant Japanese supercar is poised to return in 2018/2019, complete with a BMW-built engine. We’ll see where it falls in next year’s voting.

  1. Dodge Demon
  2. Chevy Corvette
  3. Ford Bronco
  4. Ford Shelby GT 500
  5. Jeep Wrangler JL
  6. Toyota Supra (write-in)
GMC Duramax 6.6L Engine


Best Current Diesel Engine
Kudos to Nissan and Ram for making this category interesting. Nissan’s move to use Cummins diesel engines certainly muddied the voting waters for folks. Many diesel aficionados pointed out that you still can get a Cummins in top-tier Ram models, but we wanted to hear your thoughts on Ram’s new VM Motori/Fiat-sourced 3.0L EcoDiesel.

This was also the first time we’ve included a diesel engine built for non-truck applications. Chevy’s 1.6L Ecotec rounded out the bottom of the list.

  1. Chevy/GMC 6.6L Duramax
  2. Ford 6.7L Powerstroke
  3. Ram 3.0L EcoDiesel
  4. Nissan 5.0L Cummins
  5. GM 1.6L Ecotec Turbo Diesel


Jeep CJ with WARN Winch

(Image/Four Wheeler Network)

Best Off-Road Accessory
You off-roaders like to get into jams, don’t you? You voted a winch as your top off-road accessory.

We will report an oversight by the selection committee. Many of you wrote-in a “locker,” AKA locking differential, as must-have off road kit. We agree—getting proper traction to both wheels is a big deal when you’re on the trail.

  1. Winch
  2. Lift
  3. High-Lift Jack
  4. Locker (write-in)
  5. Fire Extinguisher
  6. Light Bar


LS1 Tech and Pirate 4x4 Logos

(Images/Pirate 4×4 and LS1Tech)

Best Off-Road/Racing Forum
Discussions on these forums can delve into physics, engineering, and top-tier performance automotive theory. There’s also plenty of comradery and friendly bench racing. Since we lumped track racing and off-roading into a single category, it’s no surprise there was a tie at the top between LS1Tech and Pirate4x4.

  1. Pirate 4×4 / LS1tech (tie)
  2. YellowBullet
  3. JeepForum
  4. GrassrootsMotorsports


H.A.M.B. Logo

(Image/Jalopy Journal H.A.M.B.)

Best Street/Daily Driver Automotive Forum
Car nuts on the internet just talking car stuff. These forums have a loyal following, and they’re a great place to ask questions and get good answers about anything automotive. It was a two-horse race here, with the Jalopy Journal’s H.A.M.B. forum stealing the win from the Corvette crowd.

  1. H.A.M.B.
  2. Corvette Forum


BendPak Vehicle Lift

(Image/Summit Racing)

Most Useful Garage Tool
This is our favorite category because we love seeing how you spend time in your garage. A lift easily took the win and for good reason—for most gearheads, a lift represents the pinnacle of a well-outfitted home garage. The second-place air compressor is an obvious choice too, handy for air tools, painting, and tire maintenance.

Zip ties, and its companion, duct tape (write-in), are perennial favorites.

  1. Lift
  2. Air Compressor
  3. Jack/Jack Stands
  4. Zip Ties
  5. Torque Wrench
  6. Duct Tape (write-in)
  7. 10mm socket/wrench (write-in)


Holley Double Pumper Carburetor

(Image/Summit Racing)

Vic Edelbrock Pioneer Award: Most Iconic Aftermarket Product
Close your eyes and picture your quintessential classic performance car. What is the first modification you’d do? That’s what the Vic Edelbrock Pioneer Award represents. Voting was close, but Holley’s legendary Double-Pumper carburetor took the win.

This is an interesting category to watch as tastes change and new generations put their spin on the “Day Two” modification standards.

  1. Holley Double Pumper Carburetors
  2. Cragar S/S Wheels
  3. Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifolds
  4. Hooker Headers
  5. Lakewood Traction Bars


Chevy Bowtie Logo


Best American Vehicle Make
Chevy runs deep—or at least it did in our voting. Ford wasn’t too far behind, with Dodge and Jeep racing neck and neck. The upstart Tesla had a strong showing and we wouldn’t be surprised if it moves up next year.

Also, many keen observers helpfully pointed out that a Tesla technically has no cylinders. Despite our publication’s name, we felt the innovative American automaker warranted inclusion.

  1. Chevrolet
  2. Ford
  3. Dodge
  4. Jeep
  5. Tesla