1937 Chevy Truck Street Rod, Front

When Dale Buck turned 18, he bought his dad’s old parts delivery truck. What Dale didn’t realize at the time, was that same truck would stay with him for the rest of his life, eventually evolving into the show-winning street rod you see here.

“I love seeing people’s expressions when I tell them how long I’ve owned it,” Buck beams. It’s easy to see his pride of ownership. “It was a rough, stock truck we used to haul scrap,” Dale said. “I bought it because it was a dependable way to get to work.”

Life being what it is, Dale met Rozanne, they married, and raised two boys. The old Chevy subsequently gave up its commuting duties and sat untouched for a few decades.

Having a father who owned a garage, Dale “grew up in the grease.” That experience gave him the itch to customize and street rod the truck, so about 10 years ago he and Rozanne got to work.

The truck traded its venerable 235 inline six and 4-speed manual in favor of a blown and stroked 383 Chevy small block mated to a GM 700R4 automatic transmission.

Out back rests a Ford 9-inch rear end, which Dale narrowed—twice. After trimming it down for the initial mockup, he changed his wheel choice. Deciding on a pair of Mickey Thompson HR-1s, he soon realized that he now didn’t have enough backspace to tuck the new wheels into the rear fenders. Undaunted, Dale pulled the axle and narrowed it again. This time, the massive meats nestled nicely in their new homes.

One of the biggest tasks was getting the new V8, supercharger, and dual Quick Fuel carburetors to fit. “I wanted the hood to close,” Dale says. The engine sits low between the frame rails, allowing just enough room to conceal the 600+ horsepower monster inside.

Now that the truck is done, Dale tells us that he and Rozanne are going to keep it and enjoy it. “We drive it and take it to shows,” Buck happily reports. Eventually, the truck will go to the Buck’s sons (also gearheads) to appreciate.

The Buck’s 1937 Chevy truck is a stunning piece of automotive craftsmanship, which is why it was voted the Downtown Show and Shine winner at the recent Hot August Nights in Reno, NV. (If you’ve never been to Hot August Nights, it attracts a veritable “who’s who” of hotrodding—taking home a trophy is a big deal.)

Not bad for an old scrap hauler.

1937 Chevy Truck Street Rod, Side
From the side, you can see the 5-inch backspace of the Mickey Thompson HR-1 wheels. (Image/OnAllCylinders)

1937 Chevy Truck Street Rod, Engine
A blown and stroked 383 small block Chevy engine sits nicely underneath the truck’s hood. (Image/OnAllCylinders)

1937 Chevy Truck Street Rod, Bed
The truck bed was refinished with wood. A billet fuel door is tucked near the tailgate. (Image/OnAllCylinders)

Hot August Nights Downtown Show and Shine Winners
Dale and Rozanne Buck with the Hot August Nights Downtown Show and Shine trophy and staff from Summit Racing. (Image/OnAllCylinders)
Author: Paul Sakalas

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