Battery manufacturers say that two of the leading causes of battery failure are shock and vibration.

This is especially true when it comes to racing, off-roading, and other applications where excessive shock and vibration put a literal beating on the battery. While most battery hold-downs do not adequately protect a battery from an early demise due to shock and various forms of vibration, Savior Products says it has solved the problem with its line of battery trays.

Savior Products battery trays incorporate six Shockstop vibration mounts that absorb all of that shock and vibration before they reach the battery. How effective are these unique mounts? Savior Products says testing shows the Shockstops absorb up to 99.3 percent of the vibration transferred from the vehicle to the battery tray. The video above demonstrates the importance of vibration- and shock-control—and just how instrumental the Shockstops are in controlling these destructive forces.

Savior Products offers several types of battery trays:


The ShockTop vibration mounts sit between the two lower mounting plates.

Savior Products Pro, Pro Lite, and Show Case Battery Trays

These trays feature aluminum top and middle plates plus a composite polypropylene mounting plate. The Shockstop vibration mounts sit between the middle and mounting plates to dissipate harmful shock and vibration. Everything is held together with polished aluminum rods and stainless steel hardware. Here are the differences between the trays:

  • Pro Trays have a durable powdercoat finish.
  • Show Case trays are also powdercoated but have an additional ‘sparkle’ top coat for extra dazzle.
  • Pro Lite Trays come bare so you can paint them to match your underhood detailing. The trays fit Group 24 and 27 batteries plus Optima 34 batteries.

The honeycomb base on Savior Senior and Junior battery trays prevents spilled battery acid from running all over the tray.

Savior Products Senior Battery Trays and Junior Battery Trays

Made from composite materials, these universal-fit trays feature ShockTop technology, along with a Flowstop top tray with honeycomb base. This design prevents any battery acid spillage from running all over the tray or coming into contact with your hands. The battery is secured to the Flowstop tray with the included nylon strap and buckle hold-down.

The Junior tray measures 10.375 inches long by 6.750 inches deep. The Senior tray measures 13.125 inches long by 7 inches deep.

OEM Mount Battery Tray for Jeep JK Wrangler

Designed for 2007-17 JK Wrangler, this ABS composite tray converts your factory-installed battery mount to accept a Pro, Pro-Lite, or Show Case battery trays.

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Author: David Fuller

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