It’s news that may not appeal to automakers, dealerships or anyone looking to sell a vehicle, but if one well-respected analyst is correct, we’re on the cusp of an awesome buyer’s market for used vehicles that could present the perfect opportunity to get into a car or truck on your wish list.

Morgan Stanley equity analyst Adam Jonas is predicting that used-car prices will fall 25-50 percent over the next four to five years due to a handful of market conditions ranging from a flooded market to technology obsolescence to financially stressed auto consumers.

There “are ingredients for an unprecedented buyer’s strike,” Jonas said in this CNBC report.

There’s a fine line between “used” and “vintage.” This classic Imperial is certainly the latter. (Image/OnAllCylinders)

Emerging automated vehicle technology advancements are also being cited as a major price influencer.

“Expectations of a rapid ramp-up in automated driving technology such as Automatic Emergency Braking should change the desirability, insurability and useful life of the $2 trillion worth of used cars in the U.S.,” the CNBC story said.

So, the cost of insuring one of our discount-priced cars may be on the rise and try to rain on our parade. But aren’t the cars we really want to drive already expensive to insure?

Sure they are.