Q: I have a Ford 428 engine and I’m installing AN fittings on the heater hoses. The fitting that goes to the intake manifold requires a standpipe. How can I install a standpipe on an AN fitting?

A: Normally you’d have to piece together several fittings to get the results you’re looking for. However, JOES Racing Products, Allstar Performance, and Fragola Performance Systems all offer anodized aluminum, AN to NPT oil inlet fittings in 3-inch to 4.4-inch lengths. Depending on the size you need, you may be able to repurpose one of these fittings to get a clean, professional installation.

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Author: Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews was a mechanic for the U.S. Army, a Ford dealership, and served for many years as a fleet mechanic for construction companies. Now a technical content producer at Summit Racing, Dave has spent decades working on everything from military vehicles to high performance race machines.