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Infographic: A Quick Guide to Tire Wear and What it Means

Tire tread wear comes in many forms.

The wear pattern on your tires may be normal or it could be the result of an underlying issue. For example, you may be over-inflating your tires or your tire pressure could be too low. Or, perhaps your vehicle could use an alignment. A quick visual inspection using the infographic below can help you read your tires and make the necessary adjustments. For more information on each tread condition, be sure to read our earlier post on tire tread as well.


Tire Tread Wear Guide

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  1. Is this available for purchase as a wall poster?

  2. I have outer edge wear.
    anything else I can do then slow down in the corners,….
    I mean, I like to go hard in the corners.

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  5. Ronald Wooten says:

    Thank you for this, Now i can show this to a lot of my friend to help them understand.

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