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Throwback Thursday: The Ads That Introduced the Chevy Camaro 50 Years Ago

Fifty years ago this month, the Chevrolet Camaro was unveiled and unleashed to battle the Ford Mustang.

Chevrolet introduced the pony car to the press in mid-September at press events in both Detroit and Los Angeles. By the end of the month, the Camaro was officially on sale at dealerships.

As we celebrate the 5oth anniversary of the Chevy Camaro, we fire up the way-back machine to offer a taste of how this legendary American automobile was introduced.

Check out the original, two-minute (yes, two-minute) commercial. Then browse the Don Draper-esque print ads that could’ve come straight from the offices of Mad Men’s Sterling Cooper.

They don’t make ads like this anymore.

They don’t make cars like this anymore.






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