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Infographic: Cylinder Head Torque Sequences for GM 4-Cylinder Engines

Following rules isn’t always fun, and being unique often sounds appealing.

But when it comes to torque sequences and recommended torque specifications, doing the “boring,” rule-following thing is strongly encouraged, as that is how we achieve good, reliable seals.

Torque specifications vary by fastener brand, the lubricants we use, and other things.

But the correct head bolt torque sequence tends to remain constant for each specfic engine. As such, OnAllCylinders has created a series of quick-reference infographics containing the torque sequences of several engines makes.

You can see our torque sequence infographic for Chevy V8/L8 engines here, and for Ford engines here, and for Chrysler engines here.

For this post, we’re focusing on General Motors’ 4-cylinder engines.


GM 4 cylinder engine torque sequence chart

(Infographic/Lori Sams – OnAllCylinders)
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