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BREAKING: Summit Racing To Open Fourth Super Store and Distribution Center

Summit Racing Texas Facility Northwest View

Summit Racing Equipment, the world’s largest direct marketer of performance automotive parts and accessories, is pleased to announce the opening of a new Distribution Center and Retail Super Store in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Summit Racing customers in most of Texas and adjacent states will enjoy one-day delivery on orders for in-stock parts.

“Summit Racing is committed to providing our customers with the best possible service, and that includes fast shipping and delivery,” explained Nan Gelhard, Summit Racing Advertising Manager. “With the addition of our Texas facility, we will have four Distribution Centers. We will be able to deliver parts to more customers in the continental U.S. in just one to two days.”

The new Distribution Center is designed to process orders quickly and efficiently. It will be large enough to stock thousands of parts from over 1,200 manufacturers, ready for immediate delivery.

The Retail Super Store will be a destination for performance enthusiasts in the region. It will have 32,000 square feet of display space for parts, tools, and accessories for racing, street performance, trucks and off-road vehicles, restoration, late model vehicles, ATVs and UTVs, and motorcycles.

“The Retail Super Store gives customers the opportunity to see parts in person and talk directly with a tech adviser about their projects,” Gelhard continued. “You can place an order on the website and pick it up in the store. If you’re visiting from out of town, you can order at the store and have it shipped to your home.”

Construction of Summit Racing’s Texas facility is scheduled for early fall 2016. The company plans to ship orders from the new Distribution Center starting in mid-2017. The Retail Super Store will open shortly afterward.

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  1. Terry McAllister says:

    Build one in Quincy IL , half way between Kansas City and Chicago. 2 Hours to St Louis or Springfield Il.

  2. Where is the store going to be , Dallas/Fort Worth thats a big area, narrow it down please.

  3. Robert Saunders says:

    We need one in Michigan please Ty

  4. Put one in Canada

  5. They can ship to Michigan in 1-2 business days, why would they build there?

  6. Sweden/Europe is a great place to have one facility 🙂

  7. Don’t forget Australia

  8. Bill Schwab says:

    Keep them out of Crapifornia. The taxes alone will make the cost of parts unattainable….

  9. Pravesh Sing says:

    South Africa is also a destination you should think off. Is there any franchise opportunity

  10. Hey Summit how about Canada?

  11. You need to build the fifth one in France, juste near my home. 😀

  12. Joshua Williams says:

    Where can I submit an employment application now?!

  13. Think Colorado. North of Denver —-

  14. North Carolina!!!

  15. Congratulations to a world class company.

  16. steve shockley says:

    where do i apply for a job? I’m sick of driving this damn truck

  17. Congratulation’s of the growth of the company ! I’m from Dallas it’s a great market. Keep me posted.

  18. Craig Bloomer says:

    When will the facility start taking applications.

  19. Canada Vancouver BC huge car culture

  20. sure could use one in Canada

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  24. Shoot can I be a franchise owner in a the future?

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