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Jeep Celebrates 75 Years with WWII Willys-Overland Tribute Concept Vehicle



Jeep is celebrating its 75th birthday by building a World War II concept vehicle honoring the original Willys-Overland vehicle which the company started producing on this date in 1941.

The Willys MB is widely credited for its instrumental war in the Allies winning WWII.

To commemorate the occasion, Jeep built a Wrangler which takes most of its stripped-down styling design cues from the original Willys, including the olive drab paint color as well as wheel and tire design, which Jeep is calling the Jeep Wrangler 75th Salute concept.

The Jeep has no doors, no roll bars, and features 16-inch wheels surrounded by 32-inch mud tires.

You can read more about this automotive tribute to Jeep, WWII victory, and Toledo, OH in this Road & Track article.

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  1. Mathew John says:

    The biggest problem I see is that the original MJ (Military Jeep) had Nine slats in the grill, The CJ (Civilian Jeep) only had Seven, like this one. You’d think that for a One-Off They could have used a custom Grill.

  2. MotorHeadTy says:

    I’d like to know what’s it powered By The old Flat head 4,,,The “Hurricane” 4,,,,, or some funky type Fiat? My Uncle had a MB Willys we found in an abandoned stone quarry,We had it running by that evening,,,used it on his property for years hunting,Hauling firewood timbers,and of course cruising the fire trails of the mountains of Pennsylvania. That was over twenty five years ago,,,,It wouldn’t shock me in the least if it’s still running around somewhere! That’s When The USA built Great Automobiles

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