The voters have spoken—here are the parts you picked for Rutledge Wood’s Power Tour Camaro.

If you missed the original post, Top Gear on History co-host Rutledge Wood is building a 1968 Camaro for the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour. The car already has a Heidt’s front end, an LS3 with a Tremec five-speed, Wilwood disc brakes, and a Currie Enterprises rear axle.

Rutledge needed to figure out a rear suspension, seats, and wheels, so we decided to put those to a vote and let you guys decide. After counting and recounting, here’s how the voting played out:

Rear Suspension

WINNER—Heidt’s Four-Link Package, 216 votes



WINNER—Forgeline ZX3, 134 votes



WINNER—TMI Sport R Pro-Series Seats, 181 votes



As you have voted, so will Rutledge do. We’ll be updating you on the Camaro’s progress including installation of the parts you have chosen. It’s democracy in action!

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