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Firing Squad: A Graphic Guide to Common V8/V6 Engine Firing Orders

Some folks are good with numbers.

Some of us forget our own work phone extensions and occasionally blank on our PIN codes at the bank machine.

For the latter group, OnAllCylinders contributor Lori Sams created this illustrated guide to engine firing orders. Firing order is important because it helps evenly distribute the power strokes along the crankshaft, reducing vibration and providing smoother operation. Many engine and ignition-related projects and repair jobs require that you know the cylinder numbering and firing order of your engine.

8-6-7-5-3-0-9? Nope — that’s not your engine’s correct firing order.

You’d better print out this chart just in case you need it!

Common Engine Firing Orders




  1. Can you please discuss camshafts that change the original firing order? It would be interesting to know the advantages. Thanks!

  2. Carl Smith says:

    Thanks for article very informative

  3. Wayne Lunsford says:

    The Ford Y-block picture is wrong. The distributor is in back on those motors.

  4. Might be worth mentioning that Cali trucks might be different. 83 Cali 351w order is 1-5-7-8-6-3-4-2

  5. Eric Esterby says:

    The cylinder layout for the Buick Nailhead is incorrect. ALL Nailheads have their #1 cylinder on the passenger side, not the driver side. So, it’s 1-3-5-7 on the passenger side, and 2-4-6-8 on the driver side. Also, and I just noticed this, the distributor should be in the rear, and not the front.

  6. Eric Esterby says:

    I see the distributor has been moved, but cylinder layout is STILL wrong.

  7. Eric Esterby says:

    Also, the distributor rotates CLOCKWISE, not counter-clockwise as the diagram now shows.

    • OnAllCylinders says:

      Eric, thank you for pointing out the errors of our ways. We did make the corrections and appreciate your feedback.

  8. Ford 351w is same as 302. Not lice 351c 351m or 400

  9. Daniel Schmidt says:

    I race Buick 3.8L engines, and the firing order you have listed is not the newer motor, that isn’t even close, its
    2 4 6
    1 3 5

  10. Need the firing order for a72 olds ,350? ,rocket .I’m getting back fire from the carb.

  11. I have a 66 Ford 352 which one should I use?

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  13. Could you guys put a list of what these engines timing should be at. I have been looking all over to figure out what a 440 dodge timing should be, and I keep getting a variety of answers.

  14. OnAllCylinders says:

    Thanks for the idea! We will work to put something together.

  15. chase calligan says:

    Here’s one for ya how about a chevy 350QL in a 1971 Chris-Craft XK-18 jet boat???

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