The sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro debuted for the 2016 model year.

Although the 2016 Camaro closely resembles its fifth-generation brethren, a lighter, sleeker design has helped the new Camaro set new standards for power, speed, and handling.

But that doesn’t mean the fifth-generation Camaro is dead.

In fact, the fifth-generation Camaro movement may just be coming to life among performance enthusiasts and aftermarket aficionados. With the introduction of the new generation Camaro and six model years of Gen 5 supply available, you may see selling prices drop significantly on fifth-generation models. Many of these vehicles will be coming out of warranty, making them perfect new candidates for aftermarket upgrades. Combine that with the growing amount of aftermarket products available for the car, and you just may have the perfect platform for a future budget build.

No stranger to late model performance, Summit Racing has opted to illustrate the potential of the fifth-generation Camaro in its latest project. By taking a non-descript 2013 Camaro SS and adding some budget-friendly performance (no power adders here) and appearance products, the company shows how the 2010-2015 could be the next hot rod hero.

Stainless Works Exhaust System

Like many builds, Summit Racing’s Camaro build starts with an aftermarket exhaust system.

An aftermarket exhaust system is part of just about any vehicle build. A new exhaust not only adds more performance and better sound, it also sets the stage for future upgrades by letting your engine breathe better. That’s why it’s often one of the first upgrades made.

For its Camaro build, Summit Racing opted for a Stainless Works exhaust system. The dual exhaust system features mandrel bends for less restriction and offers a great fit. As Auto Dynamics’ Jim Perdue shows you in the video below, installation is fairly simple and straightforward. And the sound is great — hear for yourself by watching the video.

K&N 63 Series Aircharger High Performance Air Intake

Exhaust and air intakes often go hand-in-hand.

Along with the Stainless Works exhaust, Summit Racing had a K&N 63 Series Aircharger intake installed to help the engine breathe better. The system uses an oversized air filter to increase airflow and routes it through a rotationally molded tube designed to reduce air turbulence. In addition, K&N designed the system to isolate the filter from engine heat. This setup combines to create lower air temperatures and greater airflow — which leads to more power.

Like the exhaust system, the air intake installs easily with basic tools. Check out the video for the complete installation.

An exhaust and air intake are great starting points and you don’t need to be a mechanical whiz to install them. Depending on your skill level and budget, you can stop here and enjoy the few extra horsepower and more-aggressive muscle car sound. However, this is just the beginning for the Summit Racing Camaro.

Next up is a new set of cylinder heads, aftermarket headers, and intake manifold. We’ll cover those in Part 2 of our Fifth-Gen. Frenzy series.

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Author: David Fuller

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