Golden Earring’s “Radar Love” was released in 1973. Great song.

It’s so great, that at least one person gave it a write-in vote for our “Best 1960s Driving Song” Cammy Award. It’s unclear at this time whether the commenter was simply confused about the release date of “Radar Love,” or whether he got his hands on Uncle Rico’s time machine and enjoyed a very pleasant 60s-era cruise in a 1964 Ford Fairlaine or 1967 Pontiac GTO while listening to his futuristic copy of Golden Earring’s classic.

What makes a song a good driving song? The music? The lyrics? Good memories of driving around while listening to it?

There are no wrong answers. And you get to decide.

Your write-in votes are encouraged. Vote for your favorite in the comments, or on the Summit Racing Equipment or OnAllCylinders Facebook page, or Summit Racing’s Instagram.

But the 2016 nominees for the Cammies category of “Best 1970s Driving Song” are:

Radar Love — Golden Earring

Born to Run — Bruce Springsteen

Blitzkrieg Bop — The Ramones

Ramblin’ Man — The Allman Brothers Band

Take it Easy — The Eagles

Highway Star — Deep Purple

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Author: Matt Griswold

After a 10-year newspaper journalism career, Matt Griswold spent another decade writing about the automotive aftermarket and motorsports. He was part of the original OnAllCylinders editorial team when it launched in 2012.