Edge Jammer Cold Air Intake

We know what you’re thinking: “Do we really need another air intake?

Bear with us for a moment.

Edge Products is well known for its innovation in the performance tuning market. Edge has never offered air intakes, or really ventured out of its area of expertise.

So when we hear that Edge is releasing an air intake kit, we listen.

According to Edge, “numerous months and man hours have been put in to pair the all-new Jammer kits with the Edge Evolution, Juice with Attitude, and EvoHT tuning devices.”

Interested yet?

Cold air intakes can help airflow to your engine, typically resulting in better power and performance. Edge has studied those results and paired the Jammer Cold Air Intake with its lines of tuners for more exact improvements in performance.

With the Jammer, Edge is specifically tapping into a market thirsty for performance improvements: diesel. Diesel trucks have grown more popular in recent years because of their performance and reliability. Late model diesel buyers trust that their truck will last them years, if not decades, and used diesel buyers look at six-digit mileage as a “warm-up period.”

And who doesn’t want to squeeze more horsepower and a possible increase in gas mileage out of their diesel truck?

Edge claims the Jammer cold air intake’s “revolutionary design improves airflow by blocking hot air and using colder, denser air for optimal performance. Edge’s performance tuning, combined with the Jammer CAI, offers best-in-class results for maximum performance, and improved continuous power.”

The Jammer’s intake tube was built to minimize bends. Edge claims it’s smoother and wider to keep airflow running at a peak. Edge says the Jammer will improve performance by itself, but will be even more effective when paired with an Edge tuner.

“By itself, the Jammer CAI will increase power, especially when the throttle is wide open,” stated Edge’s Jared Venz in the company’s press release. “When you pair up the Jammer CAI with other Edge performance products, you’ll create a much more effective system with maximum gains in power, mileage, and efficiency.”

The Edge Jammer is currently available for late model Ford, GM and Dodge/RAM diesel trucks. Edge plans to expand its line to cover additional diesel truck models in 2016.

Edge currently offers the following Jammer Cold Air Intakes:

Author: Sean Cutright

Sean Cutright is the OnAllCylinders.com Managing Editor.