Q: I’m rebuilding the 350 TBI engine in my 1992 Chevy 3/4-ton pickup, and I’m looking for a boost in bottom-end power. I’ve selected Edelbrock’s Performer TBI intake manifold and Performer-Plus cam and lifter kit. Is this the best choice for my performance goals?

A: The Edebrock combination you’ve selected is an excellent choice for adding low-end power, and here’s why: These components are designed to work with your stock computer, and the cam produces close to stock engine vacuum. TBI (speed density-based) systems require a cam for fuel-injected applications with a low-rpm operating range, strong vacuum, and a good quality idle. Otherwise, the vehicle’s computer will have trouble adapting, and this could lead to stalling, erratic idle, over fueling, and generally poor performance.

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Author: Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews was a mechanic for the U.S. Army, a Ford dealership, and served for many years as a fleet mechanic for construction companies. Now a technical content producer at Summit Racing, Dave has spent decades working on everything from military vehicles to high performance race machines.